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    The First Point of Contact: 
    Win the Membership Game

- Incoming Calls: Do's and Dont's 
- Audio CD "Raw and Uncut"  Calls
- Walk-Ins are Sales -- Every Time !
- Website Visitors are Happy to Give You their Contact Information
- Yellow Pages: What a Waste of Money! 

Victory goes to the Health Club with SUPERIOR FORCES at the First Point of Contact. This session will show you how to separate your club from all of your competitors.

When a prospect gets serious about buying a membership, they are in the process of elimination. 
You will learn the secrets to not being eliminated.

Whether they call up, walk in, or visit your website, your club will give the best first impression in your market...Guaranteed!

We'll Show You How to Do That...FAST!

Here how we do it:

  • Your own incoming calls template
  • External marketing ads - ones that work and ones that don't
  • A hard look at other health club websites
  • Walk-in strategies
  • How to fix your clubs' first impression
  • How to cut out your Yellow Pages bill and make more sales
  • Finally a website that is powerful, fresh and up-to-date
  • Your Exponential Growth Chart to determine where to focus for growth and more money.

"We were embarrassed to hear how bad we sounded on the phone. Your CD was a real eye-opener.
It is now part of our staff training."

Marketing Foundation Client
Fall 2008





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The Marketing Foundation 
A successful marketing system MUST contain all 12 key components for long term success:

  Strategic Marketing
  Tactical Marketing
  Competitive Intel
  Powerful Website
  Member Survey
  Sales Secrets
  Member Retention
  Referral Promotion
  Sales Closing Tools
  Tested/Proven Ads
  In- club Signage
  e-mail Marketing

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