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A Powerful Referral Promotion


 A Referral Promotion that WORKS!

- 58% of Your Members Come from Word of Mouth
- How to get Members Dragging Prospects into Your Club
- Add 756 Sales People to Your Team for 60 Days

Making a small change to your sales process can make a huge gain in your new member income.  In this Session we launch a tested and proven Member Referral Program that is a win-win-win for you, your member and your prospects.  Typical ROI with this campaign will run 225% to over 1,000%.

Most clubs already have a Member Referral Program.  Ask most owners the success of the program and at best you get a shoulder shrug and at worst a facial expression as though someone put a hot poker in their eye.  After implementing this approach, we promise you'll be all smiles.

Most Referral Programs Fail Miserably;  
You'll Have One that WORKS!

Here is what you get:

  • A DVD to walk you through every step of the campaign
  • Your Workbook to help you see just how simple the roll-out is
  • Your webpage to promote your unique program to members and prospects
  • A letter to members announcing the program
  • Passes that capture their attention and create action
  • Handouts to serve as reminders
  • Step-by-step directions to assure your success


"We had a member referral program that was promoted with a handout in each new member
package.  It never really went anywhere and there was little incentive for anyone to
really promote it.  Profit Partners Member Referral Program is an actual campaign with
everything we needed to roll it out.  The results spoke for themselves.  It cost us only
$2,800 and we made $19,750 in a 60 day period...not bad!"

Marketing Foundation Client
March 2009






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A successful marketing system MUST contain all 12 key components for long term success:

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  Referral Promotion
  Sales Closing Tools
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