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Health Club Marketing Tips 
Monday, October 24 2011
Tired of Marketing That Just Flat Out Doesn't Work and
Wastes Your Valuable Time and Money?

I met Tom about 2 years ago.  We bumped into each other at my local club during a workout.  Tom's one of those "regulars" you see all the time.  Keeps to himself.  Doesn't talk much.  He's just serious and intent on what he's doing.
When you look at time you'd say he's a pretty together guy.  His weight is under control.  He's in shape and I think he works in the area and comes in about the same time I do, 6:00pm before heading home.  While I had seen him around quite a bit, we never said more than the obligatory "Hey, how's it goin'?"  But that day two years ago was a huge turning point
Tom always worked really hard at the gym.  He moved from piece of equipment to equipment, jumped on the treadmill, hit the abs machine, pumped a little free weights.  You know guys (and gals) like Tom.  They're all over your club.  It was a good thing he was around that evening.  I was on a bench doing presses and got "stuck".  Real stupid move on my part and luckily Tom saw me and gave me a hand.  It was the last time I ever benched without a spotter.
We got to chatting.  He was telling me how frustrated he was.  Over the last year he saw no improvements.  He was even working out longer and harder than he had in the past.  With no success.  Everything was the same or worse - strength, endurance, speed...everything.  I then asked him a few questions like "What's been your strategy?  Your plan?  Are you doing anything new to get better results, faster?" 

What Tom Told Me Next Is the Secret to Your Success
Tom said "I've tried everything.  You name it and I've given it a shot.  I go from one thing to another hoping that it will be what I need to take it to the next level."  He paused, and then sighed "I'm frustrated and tired.  I have no strategy or plan.  You see me around the club; I just go from one thing to another hoping and praying to see improvements.  Everything that used to work no longer does.  It sucks." 

I remember that moment as if it were yesterday.  It brought total clarity to not only fixing Tom's problems, but also to exactly what club owners want and need to dominate their markets and be the best club in their towns.  What Tom and I talked about next has been applied to every successful club I know.  It is the secret to marketing and financial success for health club owners across the country. 
Tom's Solution is YOUR Solution

Tom only needed a few things to fix his problem.  He was too close to the situation to see it himself.  It took 5 minutes with me (after he saved me from getting crushed on the bench!) to open his eyes and get him on the path to success.  Of course, I didn't realize it at the time.  But Tom thanked me just a few weeks later when I saw him again at the club. 
Tom and I talked about a few things that lead to success

  1)  You do only what's TESTED and PROVEN
  2)  SYSTEMATIZE it so it's simple and repeatable
  3)  TRACK your progress - incremental improvement 
       leads to exponential growth
Revealed: The Solution for Those Who've "Tried It All!" 

That conversation with Tom was very revealing.  It pointed out and clarified exactly what club owners need to be successful and to dominate their markets.  If YOU want to make more money, save time and do the things you really want to do, once you're headache is cured, then you'll need to do what Tom did.  You'll need to take a stand and make a few changes. 
Here's exactly what the winners in the industry do:
  ^ Integrate all of your marketing and advertising
  ^ Start with your first points of contact - front desk, sales team and website
  ^ Eliminate trial and error marketing experiments
  ^ Use only what's tested and proven to work in the past
  ^ Systematize and streamline everywhere (KISS)
  ^ Implement Lead Generation Systems
  ^ Systematized your Sales Tools and Closing process
  ^ Get a Member Retention Plan in place
  ^ Create Up-Selling systems
  ^ Get it working automatically 

You can build it yourself or have it done for you.  You'll know what's best for you. Do your research and trust your gut. It's usually right! 

But don't be like Tom.  If nothing changes...nothing changes.  Do it now for your financial and emotional success.  

'til next time...

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