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Health Club Marketing Tips 
Monday, June 13 2011
How to Win the Health Club
Membership Game

This week's newsletter only applies to the "professional" health club owner; "amateurs" can stop here.  You are in a competitive game.  How well you play will determine your outcome. 

There are 2 types of players in this game:

  1.  The Amateur: "Plays the game for enjoyment"
  2.  The Professional: "Plays the game for money"

Like any game you play the first thing you want to know is "what are the rules?"  Let's say some friends came over and pulled out a board game, each of you were to put $50 in the pot and winner takes all.  You're brain would automatically ask "how do I win?" and then "What are the rules?"  If you get both of those answered, you size up the competition and if you think you can win, you begin.  If you don't, you decline the invitation or ask to try the 'amateur' version of the game.

Play to Win
You are reading this newsletter because you chose to play.  Since you are the owner, you didn't worry too much about the rules.  You figured as the owner, you have the right to make them up as you go along, right? 

Now, after playing this game for a while, you learn a big part of winning this game is to have good marketing.  You may have noticed some competition gaining and advancing and said, "I'd better do what they're doing", and hence the confusion in the industry.  It has become a ridiculous price war. 

You all sound the same and look the same from a prospects eye.  No one can figure out which club is better or different so you all share the marketplace.  Profit Partners chose this industry to plant our feet.  Why? Because you are all playing the same game and not winning because no one knows the rules.  The one who learns them and implements them first is guaranteed win this game.
We didn't invent these rules.  We just systematized them and now we get paid to teach that system.  These rules have been around since Henry Ford invented the car building system (not the car).

Here are the rules:
Rule # 1    Perception is Reality
Rule # 2    Know Your Competition
Rule # 3    Understand Incremental Growth
Rule # 4    Develop Your Unique Selling Points
Rule # 5    Find Out What Your Members Want
Rule # 6    Give it to Them
Rule # 7    ALWAYS Follow the Marketing Equation
Rule # 8    Know What Makes for Great Marketing
Rule # 9    Focus 95% of Your Time on the 3 Ways
                        to Create New Revenue
Rule#10    Marketing is a SYSTEM.  Install one

Let's size up your competition.  They are in the same boat you are. There is NO rule that says: "You must spend $50,000 a year on advertising".  If your competitor is, they're stupid and you'll beat them.  No, they are reading this too.  They have their life savings in their club and they are trying to beat you.  One of you is going to "get this" and run with it.
Now to the "how do I win?" question.  The owner who creates a system which brings in new members every month, gets their current members to stay longer and gets their current members to spend more than their competitors is the winner. 
Since it is a system, the winner doesn't have to be in the club everyday.  The winner sees revenue growth every quarter.  The winner is known around the community as someone who 'made a difference'.  The winner is know as the health and fitness expert. The winner can open other locations which also succeed. 
The winner can take their model and franchise it across the country. The winner makes enough money from ancillary sales to put their kids through the best university in the country, go on great vacations and have more time for themselves.

Compare Your Skills to Other Owners
The other players remain stuck in this trial and error, poke and hope stagnant revenue world.  It is a decent living, but if you want more than that you have to break out from the pack.  Here is the starting point.
Take ten minutes and take the Health Club Owners Marketing Rules Exam.  You have been given ALL the answers over the past eight months in our newsletters.  We used our newsletter to not only give you the rules, but to also teach you how to implement them all into your system. 
Until next time...
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