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Health Club Marketing Tips 
Tuesday, September 23 2008

Okay. Picture this.  You just came off two months of low activity, missing members, your summer vacation and a reduction in sales.  Join the club.  Most clubs see a drop in sales several times a year for of a list of reasons:
It's getting nice outside;
It's crummy outside;
It's vacation season;
The ______holiday (you fill in the blank);
People are away;
Kids are getting settled in school;
It gets darker earlier.....
You've heard them all.  Better yet, you've said them all.  Here is the bottom line. If you think this month will be slow or if you think this month will be busy... you're right. 
Speed of the Boss is the Speed of the Crew 

You don't need 7 excuses on why it is slow, you only need one. Just pick the one you like and tell it to your staff and we're done. See you next month.
Hey, what are you doing still reading this?  Oh, I get it, you must be one of those 10%-er's.  The cream of the crop.  The owner who wakes up everyday with a knot in your stomach.  The type that got into this business to do something special.  To be someone in the community.  To bring value to people.  To make a difference on this earth. Well join the club.  I'll keep going then...

Be a Leader! 

People NEED to be led. We are all born dependant. Some people stay that way and others choose the tougher road. If you accept the fact that you are already a leader, because of that choice, then you can accept the fact that people will follow your lead. Good or bad, they will follow. So here are the rules:
  Set a Goal:  Make this month the best month EVER! 
  Make a Plan:  Spend 10 minutes (right now not later) being creative
  Get Your Whole Staff on the Plan:  You will need EVERYONE to break a record.
  Create an Event: (Sell it like it is the invention of toilet paper)
  Commit To It For a WHOLE Month: (Remember speed of the boss...)
Now some of the 'leaders' who are reading this, clicked off and said "I get it" and they are off manufacturing the greatest month in their history.  Others are still looking for more direction and help.  Others are saying "What the hell does this have to do with marketing?" 

The 5 steps above are the same five steps we do for every client we work with. Substitute this current month with the next 12 months and you'll get the picture.
But you say, "I don't need you... I can do it on my own."
True.  But you won't.  It is a lot of work and time to go from good to great. Great leaders are great at delegating.  If you could get someone to do this for you, month after month for a year, you'll go from good to great.  If you follow baseball, a good hitter ends the year with a .280 batting average.
A great hitter ends the year with a .300 batting average.  The difference?  12 singles over 600 at-bats.  That is mind blowing.  A dozen little singles are the difference between good and great.  The .300 hitter takes the most batting practice - everyday. The .300 hitter hires extra coaches and trainers to push him, motivate him and help him stay focused.
It is okay to be just "good".  The world needs a lot of "good" health and fitness centers. It is not as hard to be good and you're still better than most if you're good.  But if you want to be great... You have to tune up your leadership skills and work smarter, everyday.
Have a Marketing System

We have rolled out great systems in many health clubs of all sizes.  Why is it the exact system has killer results in some, average in others and mediocre in others?  The answer is leadership.  Remember step number 5 above.  COMMIT to it for a month. A leader commits.  They go all in.  They sell out.  First in and last out.  A manager doesn't.  They say things like "I like it but my staff won't do it".  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink. (No, but a leader will figure out a way to make them thirsty).
Ten (10) Leadership Rules:

1)  Treat People Well - We see too many owners manage with fear and intimidation. Macho Management is from the 80's. Replace Quotas with Incentives.

2)  Build Personal Relationships - This is opposite of corporate America, but it works. You want your members to feel like they have a second family when they interact with your staff.

3)  The Secret: Praise and Recognition - Everyone has weaknesses, ignore them. Focus on their strengths and praise them for improvements. What gets rewarded gets done.

4)  Total Commitment is the First Step to Greatness - Look at your breakfast - the egg was committed, the bacon was a total commitment. Your staff must see you are totally committed.

5)  Develop a Positive Attitude - One of the hardest things to develop on this earth is a positive attitude. Fortunately it is also contagious. Your staff is a reflection of you.

6)  You Get What You Expect - People will rise to the standards you set for them. Expect the best and encourage people to set a standard of excellence.

7)  Get Your Priorities Straight - If your personal life is out of balance, your business life will be too.  God 1st- Family 2nd- Business 3rd works for us. Do you have yours?

8)  Don't Be Afraid to Fail - Fear of failure holds more people back than anything. It's okay to fail as long as you track it and learn from it.  Failure is the seed of success.

9)  Build with Quality - If you're going to build anything, build it right. Don't shortcut your future by skimping on quality that will last longer and produce more.

10)  Never Give Up - No one can ever truly be defeated until they stop trying.
The road to success has many disappointments, but the person who rises to the top is the one who NEVER gives up.

'til next week...
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