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Health Club Marketing Tips 
Friday, August 31 2007
I bet you already know what company has been using that as their marketing slogan.

We have all heard the Capital One commercials, seen the TV spots and received their oversized, never ending mail campaigns. We can learn a lot from this company.
They are in a heavily competitive industry. Sound familiar?
Their goal is not to get you to BUY from them, but rather SWITCH to them. That is
no easy task. Like a health club, they don't know who their 'next clients' will be.
They use the 'wide net' marketing strategy. We don't have the numbers on their progress, but at the end of the day, they will be one of the top 3 credit companies
in the U.S. soon.
This is not an endorsement of Capital One. This is easily predicted based on the fact
they have tuned in to America's brains.
It is just good marketing. Let's look at why:

It is easy to understand
They use multiple media types
They use a ton of repetition
They hit on hot buttons (tired of paying fees?)
There message is consistent (HUGE KEY)
People equate familiarity with 'the right choice'

A consistent message keeps the prospect comfortable. If you hear or see and ad,
then go to the company website and it has a completely different tone, or when
you call them, your sub-conscious mind sends up a red flag. Something is wrong...
you disconnect.
Fine Tuning Your Marketing Message
 This needs to be done in order to separate you from your competitors. Let them
run the ads that have a picture of a guy on a treadmill with a price next to him.
You can be the gym that speaks DIRECTLY to your audience and tells people
WHY they are going to buy from you. Look at all of your recent ads. What message
are they giving off? Are they telling a story? Is it compelling? Would you join your gym?
These are important questions to understanding how your marketing works.

What we are covering this week is how to create the right messages in both your
external advertising and your internal promotions for ancillary sales. It is one thing
to be happy to get a prospect to join your gym, but why did 5 people not show up
for their tour and yet another 5 people that took the tour did not join? A more
consistent and compelling message needs to be driven home in every aspect of your
What we want you to do is to create a story that your marketing will follow. This
flow will allow your prospects to learn more about you, your gym, your promotions
and the other things you offer outside of a good workout. As your marketing begins
to tell a story to your prospects, they begin to know more about your gym on a
higher level. It becomes more personal to them. If they feel a personal relationship
with your gym, they will be less likely to break an appointment, less likely to join
another gym and less likely to discontinue their membership after the first 9-12

When prospects are ready to join a health club, they are in the process of
elimination, not the process of selection. You must NOT give them any reason to
eliminate you. This is why ALL of your marketing must follow the 3 C's...


We could give you the greatest ad in the world, your phone is ringing off the hook,
and if your people stink on the won't see growth.
Until next time...

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