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The Marketing FoundationTM
The Most Complete Health Club Marketing System
For Owners Who've Tried It All!
Tired of Working Harder for Less Money?

You Need The Marketing Foundation

This Health Club Marketing System Does It All for You!

It handles the only 3 ways you can make more money

  1) This system gets you more members
  2) This system gets your current members spending more 
  3) This system gets your current members lasting longer

Want to Free Up an Extra 15 Hours a Week?

Owners need more quality time for themselves.  You'll have more opportunities to improve on your own successes. If your goal is to have the best health club in town, this health club marketing system is the solution you have been searching for.

As you know, trial and error gym marketing and advertising is expensive. Using a proven system reduces your budget and wasteful spending, while generating more cash flow to do the things you always wanted to do.

You didn't get into this business to be average and ordinary!

There is no cost or obligation to look at the solution and see if we are a match. If you like what you see, we have a risk-free trial for you.

What you're doing today will determine your income 90 days from today

Your Success Is Our Business

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This is the Most Complete Health Club Marketing System for Owners Who've "Tried it All"

Everything you need to dominate your market:

  • Lead Generation System
  • Sales Tools and Closing System
  • Automated Follow-up Sales System
  • Membership Retention System
  • Up-Selling System
  • A Brand New Website to Manage it All
Raving Fans! 
So far you have delivered exactly what you promised. I love the member referral program although I haven't yet implemented it yet. Things are still a bit new to determine the full impact of this program but so fr so good. I'm not going anywhere.  

I am very happy with what I have seen. If things work out the way I expect, then I will be an extremely happy camper. I am looking at opening a chain of clubs and need this to work as I want to make this mandatory in my licensing package.
So far we are very pleased and we are excited to get up and running. 
Always there when needed. prompt return of calls and emails.... cant wait to see the results. 
I like what I have experienced so far. Prompt service, good communication and I really like the fact that our phone consultations are not rushed and I feel I have as much time as I need to clarify my concerns and questions 
I am thrilled to be working with Profit Partners, specifically Bob. I know what I need to get done but doing too much at once...spinning my wheels. Bob is able to give me clear, concise answers on so many levels and the response time is incredible! Thank you