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Competitive Intelligence

We Build a COMPELLING Case for Joining Your Club

   - Using Your Unique Selling Points
   - Drive More Prospects to Your Club
   - Dominate Area Clubs
   - The Best Conversion and Closing Tool
   - The 5 Things You Need to Know About Health Clubs Brochure 
   - Separate Your Club from the Rest; Win the Game


You can drive 300 new prospects into your club, but if you don't have the first point
of contact mastered - you'll lose them all.  In Session 3 we give you everything to
dominate your first point of contact.  This session makes your Front Desk great
on the phone or when someone drops in.  You'll get more tours.  We fix your website
to make it very tempting for visitors to learn more and stop in.
We will also give you and your sales team the competitive edge they need to close
more membership sales
.  You will have the ability to crush your 3 major competitors
with your Health Club comparison Checklist.
We give you the tactical materials and resources to dominate your market and put
your competition out of business.
PS - This session includes a Special Bonus that puts a proprietary conversion and
closing tool in the hands of your team to draw in more prospsects, give more tours
and close more sales.  Guaranteed

Here is what you get in this session:

  • A DVD to show how to dominate at the first point of contact,
    crush your 3 major competitors and use our powerful
    conversion and closing tool.
  • Your "Raw and Uncut" audio CD to hear just how well you
    and your competition is doing at the First Point of Contact.
  • Front Desk materials to master the first point of contact.
  • Template to create your Health Club Comparison Checklist.
  • Step-by-step assistance to get the scoop and insight on
    your major competitors.
  • How to use this Competitive Intelligence against them
    and to your sales advantage.
  • Our Workbook to help you and your team implement.


"After listen to the Raw and Uncut CD I just about died.  I was so determined to use
the materials from Profit Partners to make my Front Desk and Sales Team the best
at the first point of contact in town.  Using their
proprietary 3-fold brochure
with our new approach to calls, drop-ins and tours our business is up.  Way up."

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