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eMail Marketing

       We Install a System to Nurture Your Prospects
       until they Become Members

- Newsletter Tools: Which Ones Work Which Ones are GARBAGE
- Missed Sales and Ex-Members Can Put Your Kids Through College 
- Systematizing Follow-Ups
- Auto-Responders that Do the Work of 100 Sales Reps


The time it takes the average prospect to move from 'thinking about health and fitness' and actually 'buying a membership' is about 3 months. The key to capturing more new members then your competitors is staying in touch with the prospects. There are many ways to do this; Radio Commercials, Print Ads, Cable TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail... and so on. 

You could go broke trying to figure out the winning formula.

This session will introduce you to a few of the
most powerful and cost effective marketing tools ever.  We will show you how to use your website, emails and the secret all the GIANT health clubs are using, auto-responders. This technology will allow you to
identify, capture and stay in touch with prospects months before they join any fitness center. This will catapult you two years ahead of your competitors.                                     

We'll Convert Your Prospects Into Members

Here is what you get:

  • Your own newsletter delivered to your members and prospects twice a month 
  • A DVD with sample videos for setting up your own hopper system
  • Access to the most powerful health and fitness information
  • Newsletter page with starter newsletters for lead generation
  • Instructional DVD for adding opt-in forms to your own site
    (no waiting on webmasters)
  • The same auto-responder technology Fortune 500 companies use
  • Finally a way to get prospects to pay attention to you ONLY

AutoPilot works for me as "my little salesman," consistently and accurately
following up
with my leads and prospects...autoresponders work, as I get calls
from people saying, "Hey Jeff, I have been getting your emails for a few
weeks...!" Using AutoPilot's great tools, opt-in forms, and getting incredible
email delivery rates
that no other service can provide, I can honestly say your
system has generated me over $49,967 worth of income that I would have
WORKED HARD to generate myself ... My little "salesman" is a trooper, it never
gets tired, sick, hungry, or breaks
, and I am grateful for technology that
makes it easier to work less and make more money

Jeff C.
Client for Life



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The Marketing Foundation 
A successful marketing system MUST contain all 12 key components for long term success:

  Strategic Marketing
  Tactical Marketing
  Competitive Intel
  Powerful Website
  Member Survey
  Sales Secrets
  Member Retention
  Referral Promotion
  Sales Closing Tools
  Tested/Proven Ads
  In- club Signage
  e-mail Marketing

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